MoDOT has released a report on revenue it generated in fiscal year 2018 for counties and municipalities in Texas County.

About $1.1 million was distributed to Texas County based on the number of the road mileage within its boundaries and assessed rural land valuation. The county, in turn, distributes the funds to the county’s 17 townships.

The breakdown in Texas County shows: motor fuel tax, $727,195; vehicle sales tax, $210,237; and motor vehicle fees, $104,863.

Cities also receive funds based on their population. At Licking, that includes another 1,600 people at the state prison. The total distribution for cities in the county: Cabool, $86,611; Houston, $83,988; Licking, $126,083; Plato, $4,399; Raymondville, $14,650; and Summersville, $20,260. The total is $335,993.

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