Texas County deputies investigated several calls during the last week.  

The following are excerpts from just some of the reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A 36-year-old man reported on Jan. 16 that he had found a red Ford Ranger on his property at Highway B and Timberhill Road at Raymondville that had no license plates on it and appeared to be hidden in the woods.

The man told an investigating officer he had been logging the area for a while and figured the truck was probably left where it was about a month earlier. A computer check on the vehicle revealed it was reported stolen out of Miller County. The truck was towed and Miller County authorities were contacted.

•A 29-year-old Hartshorn woman on Jan. 14 submitted a voluntary statement indicating she wanted to pursue charges against a man for interfering with child custody.

An investigating officer determined the woman and a man had been detained by the TCSD the prior day and methamphetamine and a sawed-off shotgun was in the vehicle. The deputy also noted that the woman had admitted to using meth.

The officer advised the woman that based on the circumstances, no charges would be filed against the child’s father. The woman reportedly said she understood and she would be entering a rehab facility.

•On Jan. 13, deputies responded to a Cessna Road residence at Cabool after a 52-year-old man reported that several armed people were trying to kill him.

Upon arrival, the man told officers incidents had started several weeks earlier when he and his brother were sitting in the yard when they saw a man with four arms appear near a tree line. The man said his brother shot one of the intruder’s arms off and the intruder disappeared into the woods. The man said the intruder reappeared naked and covered with blood, and picked up the arm and began eating it before going into the woods again.

The man told officers that the current incident began when he saw about 25 DEA agents in the woods, one of whom was dragging the body of a female. The man even stated he could see the agents in the woods because he could see through a tree.

Deputies searched the area and observed no agents or other people. The man was determined to have a mental problem and agreed to a 96-hour evaluation. He was taken to Texas County Memorial Hospital.

•A Houston man called Jan. 29 to report a scam.

A pair of deputies went to the man’s Hog Creek Road residence and were aware he had an active parole warrant. Matthew J. Ramsey, 31, was arrested and taken to jail.

Jail admissions

Feb. 1

Roger E. Burgess – writ

Stacy L. Mendenhall – writ

William D. Cornman – no motorcycle license

Michael J. Lewis Jr. – failure to appear

Amanda M. Stokes – 48-hour shock

Ashely F. Garrett – driving while revoked

Brandon L. Hoskins – DWI (drugs)

David G. Dodson – 48-hour commitment

Feb. 2

Michael Sullivan – DWI

Johnny M. Esparza – DWI, speeding, no seatbelt

Kenneth J. Hall – failure to appear

Francisco J. Flores Jr. – assault

Heather L. Kilgore – Polk County warrant

John K. Fetters – Polk County warrant

Feb. 3

Heather L. Cierley – DWI

Billy D. Sullins – failure to appear

Rodney A. Murphy – armed criminal action

Steven R. Studzinski – harassment, resisting arrest

Mindi N. Gaines – failure to appear

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