Members of the Texas County Commission met March 6-7.

The commissioners:

•Heard Scott Jones of Liberty Technical Solutions, Marshfield, regarding outdated servers and telephones. A verbal quote was given.

•Learned from the Scenic Rivers Partnership that it was disbanning and dues were returned.

•Reviewed correspondence from the Missouri Department of Revenue related to an error in distribution of monies.

•Discussed an updated Sunshine Law request from George Sholtz of Upton.

•Reviewed correspondence from Brad Eidson, attorney for Burdine Township.

•Heard from Lee Smith, maintenance supervisor, that a roof top HVAC unit needs replacing, and a discussion of other matters at county buildings ensued.

•Held a roundtable discussion with elected officials recently. A discussion was held on updating the employee manual, upgrading the county website and changes to telephones and servers that the commission is considering.

•Were served with a subpoena by Sholtz and Rocky Gilbert to appear in court.

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