Authorities are investigating several crimes in the county.

The following are excerpts from just some of the reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A 32-year-old Licking man reported on March 30 that a 55-year-old Licking man refused to pay a cab fare of $48.87 for a ride on March 28. An investigating deputy told the cab driver he would make contact with the rider and issue him a citation for stealing.

•A 69-year-old Licking woman reported on March 29 that numerous items with a total value of $1,810 had been stolen from her Highway AF residence. The woman named her 23-year-old granddaughter and two other people as suspects.

•A deputy was dispatched March 29 regarding a report of a fight at a Hunter Drive residence at Hartshorn.

The officer made contact with a 38-year-old man there who said he had witnessed his 37-year-old cousin punch his 31-year-old girlfriend while she was riding an ATV, causing her to fall off. The officer spoke with the victim and she said she didn’t want to pursue charges.

•A deputy responded March 29 after a 40-year-old Raymondville woman called 911 requesting help because she feared her 58-year-old boyfriend was going to kill her.

The officer made contact with the woman at her McColgin Road residence and she said she needed help getting away. The deputy helped the woman get to a motel room for the night. She stated she would be moving the next day.

Texas County Jail admissions

March 24

Adam G. Hamann – failure to appear

Eddie Shukis – failure to appear

March 25

Adam G. Hamann – stealing animal

Christopher Decker – Laclede County hold

Stacy M. Leeds – Adair County hold

Jeffery W. Whitman – possession of controlled substance

Jody E. Spanton – stealing firearm

Nichole L. Osborne – Howell County hold

March 26

John Castleberry – possession of controlled substance

Zachary T. Sawyer – possession of controlled substance

James W. Dickens – drug charge

Rebecca S. Fountain – possession of controlled substance

Daniel L. Hale – DWI

Brent W. Strange – child abuse

Christina M. Banderman – parole violation

Frank L. Thomas – failure to appear

March 27

James Denny – passing bad check

James Brigs – stealing motor vehicle

Henry Dixon II – driving while suspended

March 29

Jennifer D. Hendrix – forgery

Brenda L. Brim – delivery of controlled substance

Victor L. Hall – 48-hour shock

Burnice L. Mace – Phelps County hold

March 30

Dugan C. Lewis – delivery of controlled substance

March 31

Randall R. Shepherd – Miller County hold

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