Authorities are investigating several crimes in the county.

The following are excerpts from just some of the reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A deputy responded on April 19 to a report of a domestic dispute at a Highway C residence at Licking.

The officer made contact with a 58-year-old man there who said he wanted to evict his 48-year-old stepson. The man told the deputy he thought the stepson had thrown a glass at his mother, but the officer determined the mother had thrown the glass at her son.

Nobody wanted to pursue charges.

•A deputy on April 17 located an abandoned Polaris ATV on Honeyfield Drive at Willow Springs.

A computer check revealed the unit was listed as stolen from Willow Springs. It was towed to a lot in Houston and the Willow Springs Police Department was to advise the 91-year-old man who owned it.

•A deputy was dispatched on April 17 regarding a report of a 12-year-old boy punching his 43-year-old father and out of control.

After the officer made contact with them, the county juvenile office was contacted but an officer there said no action would be taken because the man had failed to follow previous suggestions made by the agency. The man was advised to have his son go through a mental evaluation.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 4 a.m. April 7 regarding a report of an assault at a Highway Y residence near Mountain View.

Dispatched advised the officer a 31-year-old woman had allegedly been kicked out of a vehicle and a 41-year-old man who was driving had threatened to run over her. The deputy spoke with the woman, who was obviously highly intoxicated and scared, and had an injury to her lower lip.

The woman told the officer she had been assaulted by the man, but they weren’t in a relationship and had just been hanging out together. The officer asked to photograph her injury and the woman said no, and also said she wasn’t going to press charges and just wanted to go home.

•Deputies were dispatched at about 8:15 p.m. April 6 regarding a report of a drunk man discharging a firearm at a Highway W residence at Summersville.

Upon arrival, officers determined the gun had been taken away from the 25-year-old suspect, but he reportedly brandished a knife at officers (including assisting personnel from the Missouri State Highway Patrol) and challenged them to shoot him.

The man finally dropped the knife, but was uncooperative with an ambulance crew that arrived on scene. He was ultimately taken to a hospital for a 96-hour mental evaluation, according to a report.

Witnesses reportedly stated the gun had been fired by accident during an incident involving a 27-year-old woman inside the house. A probable cause statement was sent to the county prosecutor.

Texas County Jail admissions

April 22

Candice N. Walser – failure to appear

Sarah I. Smith – DWI

Ryan D. Pettitt – stealing motor vehicle

Kory A. Nelson – forgery

Carol M. Dicarro – assault

Robert A. Brandon – non-support

Ginny M. Blackmon – passing bad checks

Suzanne M. Burke – driving without a license

April 23

Daniel R. Lasart – stealing

David P. Amos – failure to appear

Brian S. Gimpel – manufacturing controlled substance

Bobby W. Williams – assault

Joseph L. Treacy – delivering drugs to jail

Amanda Stokes – St. Charles County warrant

Nathan Wilson – Gasconade County warrant

April 24

Donald Newell – failure to appear

Davon A. Murphy – warrant

James T. Hart – warrant

Billy Jack Hayes Jr. – assault, violation of child protection order

April 26

Ryan S. Davis – possession of controlled substance

Dalton L. Hall – stealing, receiving stolen property, defrauding creditors

Gary L. Simmons – stealing

Joseph Spencer – delivery of drugs to jail

Christopher Daugherty – 48-hour shock

April 27

Andrea R. Schueler – DWI

Patrick L. Vaughn – 24-hour shock

Willie Thornton – abuse/neglect of child

April 28

Kerry L. Von Holton – failure to appear

Jason L. Coble – driving while revoked

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