The Houston Police Department handled several investigations in the last week.

The following are excerpts from just some of the reports recently generated by the Houston Police Department:

•Autumn R. Hill, 36, of 643 Plainview Drive in Houston, was cited on May 6 for operating a vehicle with expired license plates.

•Eric J. Buell, 35, of 7912 Morton Road in Houston, was issued citations for peace disturbance and first-degree trespassing after an incident at about 12:40 a.m. May 2.

An officer was dispatched to a Thomasville Road apartment complex after a 36-year-old woman there reported that Buell was trying to gain entry into her residence. While the officer was on the way there, he was advised that Buell was now on the second floor balcony trying to get in through the balcony door.

Upon arrival, the officer observed Buell on the balcony, and he stated the woman had invited him to come to her residence via texts. He said when she wouldn’t open the front door, he decided to go to the balcony and knock on that door.

The woman told the officer she hadn’t opened the door because she was afraid Buell would become violent. She stated she told him to leave multiple times, and called police when he refused.

A pair of Texas County Sheriff’s Department deputies assisted at the scene.

•Esther M. Gann, 41, of 403 N. Grand Ave., Apt. 1, was cited for first-degree trespassing after entering Walmart at about 4:35 p.m. April 27. Gann had been banned from all Walmart properties after a previous shoplifting incident.

•Calvin L. Massey, 50, of 211 W. Steffens St. in Houston, was cited for first-degree trespassing on April 29 after allegedly entering a woman’s Bryan Street residence without permission.

The woman told an investigating officer she had recently rented the house and placed bug bombs inside when no other items were yet inside. The woman said when she returned, she found male clothing and a suitcase in a bedroom.

The home’s landlord helped identify Massey as the suspect.

•Bobbylee E. Blair, 34, of 17641 Longview Road at Elk Creek, was arrested May 2 for having an active Texas County warrant for a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

An officer made the arrest at the probation and parole office in Houston after being advised that Blair was there. She was taken to jail and incarcerated without bond on the capias warrant.

•Amanda M. Stokes, 37, of 1032 Thomasville Road in Houston, was arrested March 23 for having an active St. Charles County warrant for a probation violation.

An officer aware of the warrant made the arrest at another Thomasville Road residence. Stokes was taken to the Texas County Jail and released after posting $2,500 bond.

•Jason L. Coble, 36, of 16741 Cantrell Drive at Licking, was issued a citation for driving while revoked  –second or subsequent offense – and failure to make approach for a left hand turn in the proper lane on April 28.

Joshua A. Laster, 27, of 634 Ozark St. in Houston, was cited on April 29 for driving while revoked – fourth offense.

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