An incident Sunday in Summersville has led to felony charges against a man and woman.

Sarah Ross, 25, and Anthony Sandoval, 19, both of 25 N. Main St. in Summersville, are each charged with second-degree domestic assault (a class D felony). Ross is also charged with misdemeanor property damage.

A Summersville Police Department officer reported that he responded at about noon to a call regarding a fight taking at the pair’s house.

Upon arrival, Ross reportedly told the officer she had thrown a wooden block into the windshield of Sandoval’s vehicle, causing damage to it. The officer said Sandoval reacted by getting out of the vehicle and began hitting Ross with a nearby mop handle.

Ross reportedly ran into the house at that time, but when she came back out and saw Sandoval walking away, she picked up a brick and threw it, striking him in the back of the head. The officer said Sandoval retaliated by placing Ross in a chokehold until some friends pulled him off of her.

A Texas County Sheriff’s Department deputy also went to the scene.

Ross and Sandoval are each held in the Texas County Jail on $200,000 bond.

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