A Raymondville man is jailed on a felony assault charge after an incident Monday involving a woman.

Michael Clinton, 58, of 19668 McColgin Road, is charged with third-degree domestic assault (a class E felony). He is held in jail with a bond set at $150,000.

An investigating deputy reported that he was dispatched to Texas County Memorial Hospital regarding a woman who had been assaulted at Raymondville. Upon arrival, the officer was told by the woman that Clinton had been the assailant.

She reportedly stated that Clinton became angry because she was talking to her son on the phone and proceeded to hit her in the face. She told the deputy the impact knocked her across the room, and that Clinton also kicked her in the stomach and left hip.

The officer reported observing a knot above the woman’s left eye and a small bruise on the left side of her face, but a nurse told the deputy there were no apparent injuries to her stomach or hip.

The officer then went to Clinton’s residence and took him into custody. In a written statement completed at the Texas County Sheriff’s Department, Clinton reportedly stated he and the woman had pushed each other around and fallen down, and that the woman had hit him. The deputy observed that Clinton had a scratch on his neck and a mark on his stomach that appeared to be from a shoe.

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