Renewing Missouri hunting, fishing and trapping permits is now easier and more convenient through the Missouri Department of Conservation’s new online permit auto-renewal service. The agency said it allows online permit buyers to automatically renew their permits before the start of the next season or permit year so they never have an expired permit when they need it most.



Participation in auto-renewal is voluntary, and the service can only be activated by the permit buyer. Enrollment can be done during an online permit purchase or by using the “manage your account” feature. Users can also update their auto-renewal settings, including payment method and enrolled permits and turn off the service. There are no additional fees for the service. Auto-renewal will automatically charge permit buyers for their enrolled permits.

Permit buyers must have a valid email address and credit card to participate. The service will send personalized email updates to participants –– including initial enrollment, changes made by the buyer, 30-day and seven-day reminders of upcoming permit renewals and associated charges, and notifications of successful renewals and associated charges.

Permit buyers can enroll in auto-renewal at during an online permit purchase or by using the “manage Your account” feature. Learn more about permit auto-renewal at

In addition to buying Missouri hunting, fishing and trapping permits online at and through MDC’s free mobile apps (MO Hunting and MO Fishing), permit buyers can also purchase permits from numerous retail vendors around the state. Auto-renewal-eligible permits purchased from retail vendors are not able to be enrolled into the service during the purchase process but can be enrolled later using the “manage your account” feature.

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