At a regional meeting earlier this month, Houston’s superintendent shared the district’s success in aviation related teaching.

Dr. Allen Moss reported June 12 at the monthly SOAR meeting that Houston Schools has received funding for flight simulator equipment and flight related classes. He shared the district’s success with aviation and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) instruction.

In a news release, SOAR said much of Houston’s success has developed at the urging of Tom and Phyllis White of the Experimental Aircraft Association, located on the airport in Willow Springs. Moss said his staff will be presenting more details at the July and August SOAR meetings.

Moss also shared about a partnership with Texas County Memorial Hospital to improve the district’s health science programming. SOAR president Cynthia Weatherford, RN, administrator of the Mercy/Saint Francis Hospital in Mountain View, had encouraged the development, SOAR said.

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