Feral hogs on Ozarks property.

The Texas County Commission has announced its opposition to a U.S. Forest Service proposal to ban the hunting of feral hogs on Mark Twain National Forest.

In a resolution signed July 3, the commission said it believed closure of the Mark Twain National Forest “will also inadvertently create undue federal criminal charges against citizens who have participated in wild hog management on said public property for generations, for the lawful purposes of recreation, conservation and human consumption.”

It notes banning or inhibiting public and private hog hunters, trappers and landowners from participating in game management on public property and subsequent adjoining private properties will result in over population.

The Forest Service is proposing to follow the lead of the Missouri Department of Conservation, which banned feral hog hunting on its land, out of concern that hunters scatter hogs while killing only a few. MDC is focusing on trapping and killing whole groups of feral hogs with baited traps.

Texas County has more than 50,000 acres of federally owned land.



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