Briana Calderas, of Cabool, had been charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action and abandonment of a corpse. She entered a guilty plea to lesser charges in May.

A Cabool woman charged in the brutal murder of a teen north of Cabool in 2017 was sentenced to eight years in prison on Wednesday afternoon at Waynesville.

Briana Calderas, 26, entered guilty pleas in May to lesser charges of abandonment of a corpse, concealing a felony and tampering with physical evidence in a felony prosecution. All are class E felonies. She had earlier been charged with first-degree murder.

Calderas was sentenced to four years on each charge, but the sentences for concealing a felony and tampering with evidence are to run concurrently under the sentence from Circuit Judge John Beger.

Calderas was among four charged in the September 2017 death of Joseph Steinfeld, 17, who went by Ally and was transitioning to female, according to relatives. The remains were found on Calderas’ property near a trailer. A co-defendant, Andrew Vrba, is awaiting trial next year and is held in Greene County. He faces the death penalty, if convicted.



Two other persons were earlier sent to prison for their participation in the murder.

Isis Schauer was sentenced to 20 years in prison in December. As part of a plea agreement, the charge against Schauer was lowered from first-degree murder to second-degree murder.

Schauer is appealing her sentence alleging she had an ineffective public defender and the plea was not voluntary.

A fourth person, James T. Grigsby, of Thayer, pleaded guilty to abandonment of a corpse and was sentenced to four years in prison.

Prosecution of the case is handled by Phelps County Prosecutor Brendon Fox, in the absence of Texas County Prosecutor Parke Stevens Jr., who is serving as part of a military deployment.

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