Block by South Central Correctional Center, Restorative Justice Program

In honor of Missouri’s 200-year anniversary, the Community Betterment and Arts Council of Houston (CBAC) is sponsoring a Texas County Quilt Contest.  The quilt is a part of the Missouri 2021 bicentennial project.

After inviting submittals for the Texas County Bicentennial quilt, the CBAC  has chosen two blocks that have been submitted  to the Missouri Historical Society for competition for one block to represent Texas  County.  The selected blocks were prepared by Bobbi Sparks, Elk Creek; and  the South Central Correctional Center—Restorative Justice Program. 

Sparks’  block is made from army  and navy uniforms that belonged to her sons,  stars and stripes fabrics and photos of local landmarks that she took  to represent Texas County features, Emmett Kelly,  Christian heritage and agriculture.

The SCCC-Restorative Justice block  features a hunting star that represents Texas County as a place where hunting is very important and the star represents the largest county in Missouri named after the largest state in the U.S. when Missouri became a state.  It features 63 pieces.

The finished Texas County quilt will feature representative blocks which include  school houses,  houses,  religious heritage, the Texas County seal, shamrocks,  flying geese,   turkey tracks,  Mark Twain National Forests,  Piney River,  Lone Star Mill,  Route 76 Bicycle trail,  cone flowers,  and Plato (U.S. 2010pPopulation center.).  The center of the quilt will have a large outline of Missouri with a gold embroidered Texas County seal.

Since the local quilt will be assembled after the state quilt blocks have been chosen,  CBAC is still taking quilt block submittals. 

Current submissions for the state quilt may be viewed at

Contact Elaine Campbell,  417-260-0043, to participate in the Texas County Quilt.

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