Texas County resident Bennie Cook has announced his intention to run for a seat in the Missouri House of Representatives.

Texas County resident Bennie Cook is looking to expand on his experience of “protecting and serving” in a variety of situations and has announced his intention to run for a seat in the Missouri House of Representatives.

Cook, a Republican, is making a bid to represent HD 142, which includes Texas, Howell, Phelps and Pulaski counties. The seat has been held for several years by fellow Texas County resident Robert Ross. 

“It has been my pleasure to protect and serve our region in a variety of roles,” Cook said. “I have come to understand the unique challenges and opportunities our area faces from day to day. I am looking to the future with a vision for what we need to achieve a strong and prosperous state, and I know that rural communities like ours play a big role in that. We have a lot to offer, but it requires fair representation; we need a strong voice willing to stand up to politicians to ensure the work gets done.”

Cook has been a commissioned member of local law enforcement since 2004 and is currently a court deputy for the Texas County Sheriff’s Department. Until recently, he worked as a field representative for Congressman Jason Smith, and has in the past been executive director of the Texas County Food Pantry and emergency management director for both Texas County and the City of Houston.

Cook also volunteers with several organizations. He is a member of the Houston Schools Bright Futures board, is president of the Houston Lions Club and is chairperson of the Texas County “Shop with a Hero” program. He is also a member of Houston Community Betterment, the Houston Area Chamber of Commerce, the Texas County Fair Board, Texas County Farm Bureau and NRA. He also serves as a deacon at Oak Hill Christian Church in Houston, where he and his wife, Amanda, attend with their five children. 

Cook aims to take all of that experience to the Missouri General Assembly

“Above all else, I want to create an environment where our rights are protected and people feel safe,” Cook said. “I will be a strong advocate for Second Amendment rights and to protect firearm ownership. I oppose abortion and I want to work toward being a state that promotes life.

“Finally, as a member of law enforcement, you have my word that I will always ‘back the blue.’ We must ensure that law enforcement has the tools they need in rural Missouri and across the state to protect our communities.”

The seat Cook seeks is being vacated, as Ross is serving his fourth and final term. 

“I would like to thank Robert for his years of service in the House representing our area,” Cook said. “It is vital that our communities maintain a strong voice and that they have a representative who believes in our shared rural values and principles. That means defending Missourians’ constitutional rights and sticking up for law enforcement.”

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