Deputies responded to many calls in the county recently. 

The following are excerpts from just some of the reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A deputy investigated a report of theft on Sept. 13 at a Taylor Lane residence at Plato.

A 74-year-old woman there told the officer a 39-year-old neighbor woman who is her caregiver had swiped $180 cash from her purse while inside her house.

The deputy spoke with the suspect, but she denied any wrong doing. At the woman’s request, the suspect was told not to return.

•A deputy responded on Sept. 12 to a request from the Salem Police Department to check on a man at an Iron Mine Road residence at Licking.

The deputy was advised that the owner of a tattoo shop had stated the man had been at the business and talked about a bomb and mutilated women in Rolla. The deputy made contact with the man, 35, who stated he had been referring to Tannerite and called it a bomb by mistake.

•On Sept. 6, a deputy was dispatched to a Highway E residence at Houston regarding a report of a man trying to kill himself and bleeding from his arm.

The officer made contact with the man, who was visibly drunk and stated he had consumed a bottle of vodka. He reportedly told the deputy he was dying from a spine infection and had been released from a hospital that night.

The man refused medical attention and made several statements about not wanting “to go on.”

The officer observed a woman at the home gathering her belongings. The man reportedly attempted to hit the deputy, and was taken to jail for a 12-hour safekeeping period.

•A 59-year-old Elk Creek man reported on Sept. 5 that his daughter, who lives in Tennessee, had stolen a Ruger rifle and Taurus pistol (with a total value of $925) and was trying to sell them on Facebook.

The man provided the serial numbers of the guns and they were listed as stolen on a law enforcement computer site. 

Texas County Jail admissions

Sept. 9

Brett C. Lewis – burglary, property damage

Trevor A. Light – assault

Tom A. Carter – failure to appear

James A. Dooley – driving while revoked

Gary L. Simmons – failure to appear

Chastity N. Cooper – Mountain View PD hold

Teri A. Mason – DWI

Steven R. Parker – driving while revoked, stealing

Sept. 10

Joshua D. Eisenhauer – stealing rented property

Justin D. Strunk – Wright County hold

Christina R. McGowan – writ

Byron C. Pettijohn – writ

Donnie W. Hale – unlawful use of weapon

Douglas W. James – DWI

Sept. 11

Dustin L. Koenig – delivery and possession

Thomas A. Carter – possession of weapon at jail

Sept. 12

William G. Hatcher – parole warrant

Kandace Pearson – Houston PD warrant

Marc Lukomski – stealing

Robby T. Wallis – 48-hour commitment

Sept. 13

Sonya R. Byrd – assault, unlawful use of weapon

Eric J. Buell – stalking

Carrie L. Stafford – Cabool PD hold

Paris A. Cross – failure to appear

James C. Leyrer – 7-day commitment

James T. Martin – 48-hour commitment

Alex Collins – 48-hour commitment

Sept. 14

Chad M. Arnold – 48-hour commitment

Alex J. Collins – no driver’s license

Sept. 16

Jessica C. Bettes – failure to appear

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