The Texas County Sheriff's Department responded to several calls recently.

The following are excerpts from just some of the reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•Justin D. Strunk, 41, of 1743 Colburn Road at Cabool, was arrested Sept. 8 for having an active Texas County felony warrant for possession of a controlled substance.

A deputy made the arrest at a Nevill Road residence after being advised Strunk was staying there. Strunk was found to also have an active Wright County warrant for a probation violation. He was taken to jail.

•A deputy was dispatched Aug. 24 regarding a report of an argument at a Highway Z residence at Houston between a 73-year-old man and his 15-year-old stepson.

The officer gave the stepson a courtesy ride to Cabool to meet his biological father. The deputy advised the man and boy to stay away from each other because officers have responded to the same address several times in the last month due to actions between them.

No charges are being sought.

•A 43-year-old Licking woman reported on Sept. 3 that she was receiving threatening text messages from the 25-year-old former wife of her deceased son (who has an Eldridge address).

The woman told an officer she had purchased a vehicle for her son when he got out of prison, and it was titled under his name and hers, but not the former wife’s. The woman produced paperwork to back her claim.

She stated the former wife was threatening to break into her residence and steal whatever she wanted and swipe the vehicle. An attempt to contact the former wife failed. Investigation continues.

•A deputy was dispatched Aug.12 to the Cabool Police Department to give a 32-year-old woman and her 14-year-old son a courtesy ride back to their residence on Highway H at Elk Creek.

After dropping the pair off at their home, the officer went back to his patrol vehicle and reached down to take his Streamlight Stinger flashlight off of its charger, but it was gone. The deputy and another officer at the scene went back to the woman’s house and informed her he was there to retrieve the flashlight she had taken from his vehicle.

She then returned it.

Julie A. Hicks, 32, of Highway H at Elk Creek (no address because she lives in a homestead arrangement), was issued a citation for stealing.

•An 82-year-old Licking man reported on Aug. 26 that six Wester horse bridles with a total value of $300 had been stolen from inside a barn at his Bean Creek Drive residence.

The man told an investigating officer he had sold some horses to a man named John, but didn’t know his last name. There are no leads.

•A deputy was dispatched Aug.24 regarding a report of two starving horses at a Pine Crest Road property at Summersville.

The officer observed the horses inside a corral with no grass, hay or grain. The deputy reported that the animals’ ribs and hip bones were showing and they appeared to be underweight.

Contact was made with a 31-year-old man who owns the horses, and he told a deputy he had had them for about three months and they were in far worse shape when he got them. The man told the officer he had been regularly feeding and watering the horses and giving them a protein supplement. He also showed the officer that they did have access to hay.

The deputy told the man that the horses would be checked on again in 30 days, and if they weren’t in better condition, the state veterinary office would be contacted and a probable cause statement sent to the county prosecutor.

•On Aug. 25, a deputy investigated a report of ATVs tearing up the property at a church on Bado Road at Cabool while church was in service.

The officer observed several sets of ATV tracks on the grass at the property. A neighbor was contacted who showed surveillance video depicting three ATVs approaching the church during the time of the crime. The area was searched without resulting in any leads. Investigation continues.

•A 32-year-old Licking man reported on Aug. 26 that a generator valued at $800 had been stolen from his Reed Road residence at Licking, and about half a tank of gas had been siphoned out a vehicle there. There are no suspects.

Texas County Jail admissions

Aug. 30

Steven R. Collins – stealing

Sept. 2

Ryan D. Pettitt – writ

Sept. 3

Michelle R. Rice – failure to appear

Jacob D. Allred – writ

Johnathan W. Goforth – writ

Michael T. Key – writ

Jeffrey W. Watts – unlawful possession of firearm

Patricia S. Parsons-Watts – armed criminal action, unlawful use of firearm

Sept. 4

Nicholas A. Himmelberg – St. Clair County hold

Wesley A. Filed – possession of a controlled substance

Billy J. Hayes Jr. – assault, violation of protection order, property damage

Derek L. Baldwin – warrant

Sept. 5

Amy D. Enloe – probation and parole warrant

Samuel J. Rogers – stealing

Sept. 6

Dustin D. Arnold – Cass County warrant

Kyle D. Aker – passing bad checks

Susan E. Brown – assault

Randall R. Komm – DWI

Sherry J. Lee – possession of drugs and paraphernalia

Stewart T. Breeds – possession of drugs and paraphernalia

Tammy L. Sprague – 48-hour commitment

Mickey D. Brooks – parole violation

Sept. 7

Toni R. Smith – resisting and interfering with arrest

Chad M. Arnold – 48-hour commitment

Donald Newell – trespassing

Christy Cobble – non-support

Kristin R. Smallwood – stealing

Sept. 8

Justin D. Strunk – possession of controlled substance

Belinda J. Bryant – DWI

Jeremia Couch – Laclede County warrant

Sept. 9

Christy N. Cooper – Mountain View PD warrant

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