A police officer were called to Texas County Memorial Hospital when a patient became unruly.

A Texas County Memorial Hospital patient faces possible charges after an assault and damage to the facility last Tuesday.

A Houston Police Department officer was dispatched at about 7:40 a.m. regarding a report of a male patient causing problems at Texas County Memorial Hospital.

A doctor at the hospital told the officer the man (age 26, of Kennett) was in the psychiatric room and had struck the wall and damaged a monitor. The officer spoke to the man, but he was uncooperative and yelled profanely.

When the officer and the doctor discussed sedating the man, he kicked a hole in a wall between the room he was in and the nurse’s station in the emergency room. The man continued to yell and threatened the officer.

Three male members of the hospital staff helped the officer place the man on a mattress, and he was sedated with tranquilizers. A TCMH official told the officer the man had hit a male EMT, and attempted to bite he and other ER personnel.

The official said the damage done by the man totaled more than $9,000 and that attempts were being made to transfer him to a more secure facility.

A probable cause statement was sent to the county prosecutor seeking felony assault and property damage charges.

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