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State Sen. Mike Cunningham has endorsed a state representative to replace him when he leaves due to term limits next year.

Cunningham endorsed Rep. Karla Eslinger to continue his mission of serving the citizens of district.

“Representative Eslinger is a strong constitutional conservative, 100 percent pro-life, committed to improving the regional economy and has proven to be one of the hardest workers in Jefferson City. She has a balance of intelligence and common sense,” Cunningham said. “For these reasons, I am proud to endorse her candidacy without reservation and will work hard to assist her campaign.”

As a state representative, Eslinger, said Cunningham, voted to pass an innovative jobs plan that helps companies grow the number of people they hire. She also passed the state’s strongest pro-life bill. She is a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights, and believes in a balanced budget.

“Karla’s efforts on workforce development, education and right-to-life have been commendable. She would make a fantastic addition to the Missouri Senate,” Cunningham said. In the Missouri House, she currently sits on the key committees of Elementary and Secondary Education, and Workforce Development.

“I can’t think of any higher honor than the endorsement of Sen. Cunningham, Eslinger said. “I want to thank Mike for his leadership in the Senate and his stalwart service to the citizens of District 33. I will fight to uphold his record of service and continue my mission to ensure all Missourians have access to quality education, healthcare and job opportunities.”

Two others are expected to seek the Republican nomination, Rep. Robert Ross, R-Yukon, and former state Rep. Van Kelly of Norwood.

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