A Licking woman charged with manslaughter in the death of her mother was ordered released Friday from the Texas County Jail to live at an assisted living facility.

The order came from 25th Circuit Judge John Beger following published reports that Patricia Davis, 67, was mentally unstable before the death.

Relatives said that despite pleas before the May 2019 death of her mother, Kathleen Davis, to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, no action was taken. Before Davis’ release, the agency said it could not comment.

The daughter recently underwent a mental evaluation after she was charged last month by Texas County Assistant Prosecutor Jason MacPherson with the manslaughter count and charges of first-degree assault and abuse of elderly related to the retired Missouri Department of Family Service employee’s death. Her daughter is a retired school teacher at Houston and Plato and former worker at the South Central Correctional Center at Licking.

In his order, Beger released Davis to family members, who placed her in an assisted living facility. Beger said she was not to make any other court appearances without an order by the judge.

MacPherson said Friday that he is waiting on documentation regarding her mental status at the time of the offense. Once that is received, the office would make an evaluation as to the appropriate disposition of the case.

Beger’s decision came following reports that the family had tried to intervene, including to a Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services hotline, without success. The Texas County Sheriff’s Department did not learn about the issue until the death of Davis, who it is estimated might have been immobilized for five weeks on the floor before being declared dead at Texas County Memorial Hospital. Deputies and the county coroner were called to TCMH after Kathleen Davis arrived. Published reports detailed the family’s turmoil after their cousin was charged on Oct. 16.

Kathleen Davis, according to a death certificate died from multiple ulcers, severe malnutrition and dehydration, had pulmonary emboli due to prolonged immobility and untreated pneumonia. She was found covered in urine, feces, maggots and dirt and transferred to Houston at the county hospital where she was declared dead.

Before Davis’ death, family members said they uncovered the pair had also been scammed and about $750,000 was missing. That sparked an investigation by the Licking Police Department. Family recounted odd letters, unplugged phones that made contact impossible and conversations over the months with Patricia Davis prior to her mother’s death.

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