This 0 gold coin worth almost ,400 was dropped into a Salvation Army Red Kettle at the Houston Walmart. It was wrapped in a piece of paper bearing a holiday message.

The Texas County Food Pantry got a pretty nice Christmas present this year.

TCFP executive director Laura Crowley said that on Tuesday, Dec. 17, a $50 gold coin was dropped into a Salvation Army Red Kettle in front of the Houston Walmart.

“I pick up the kettle from Walmart every night and bring it home,” Crowley said, “and my husband Kevin and I sit in front of the Christmas tree and unfold all the bills and get everything ready for deposit.”

The coin was found wrapped in a piece of paper bearing the message, “merry Christmas.”

“He told me, ‘if that’s true gold, it’s worth more than $50,” Crowley said. “I looked it up online and said, ‘oh my gosh, we’ve got to contact some people tomorrow.’”

The coin was in mint condition and weighed an ounce. Crowley took it to a local coin store and pawn shop and got the same quote: It was worth close to $1,400.

“I want to give great thanks to whoever put it in there,” Crowley said. “We’re so grateful – that was just above and beyond. We’re grateful to all of our donors no matter if you put a nickel in the pot or a $20 bill.

“But this is just spectacular. I think it’s a great example of God leading someone to give what they have. You know the person knew what they were doing, and that’s why it was specifically wrapped. Obviously this is going to help many people in need, but I hope the person receives a blessing from it as well.”

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