The following are excerpts from just some of the reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A Raymondville man reported on Dec. 16 that several items with a total value of $637 had been stolen from a Toyota pickup at his McColgin Road residence.

The man told an investigating deputy that swiped goods included the truck’s license plates, four 20-foot log chains, four log chain boomers, a car battery and a tool box loaded with tools. There are no suspects.


Deputies from the Texas County Sheriff’s Department were called to several investigations in the last week.

•A deputy was dispatched Dec. 4 regarding a report of a burglary at a Highway HH residence.The officer made contact with a 76-year-old man and 71-year-old woman there who said they had been gone overnight and when they returned they found the from door kicked in and numerous items missing from their home. The swiped goods reportedly had a total value of $1,063 and included a Ruger .22-caliber revolver, a Nikon camera and many coins.

There are no suspects.

•On Nov. 21, a deputy investigated a report of a vehicle stolen from a Business 60 property at Cabool.

A 52-year-old Mountain Grove man told the officer he had a 1979 Chevrolet Corvette rebuilt by a man at the location, and the man had gone to the hospital for surgery. The car owner told the officer that when the man returned home from the hospital, he called and asked how he liked his car. The car owner then told the man he hadn’t picked up the car, and the determination was made that it could have been stolen any time within the past month.

The vehicle’s value is reportedly $20,000. There are no suspects.

Texas County Jail admissions

Dec. 17

Dominique S. Hood – Howell County hold

Jennifer D. Hendricks – passing bade check

Charlie D. Kennedy – assault, kidnapping

Marissa A. Reams – writ

Lonnie R. Royal – assault, armed criminal action, stealing

Dec. 18

Tammy L. Sprague – assault

Alonzo W. Shearer – sexual misconduct

Adam J. Fix – assault

James T. Martin – assault

Dec. 19

Michael W. Malota – driving while revoked, failure to secure child

Mark T. Barton – assault

Matthew Corkell – failure to appear

William Hebert – probation violation

Blade Johnson – driving while revoked

Aaron J. Dunlap – assault, property damage

Dec. 20

Nicholas T. Skinner – failure to appear

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