A Texas County Sheriff’s Department deputy’s investigation of a domestic incident on Dec. 16 has led to a pair of felony charges against a Hartshorn man.

Charlie D. Kennedy, 40, of 8094 Timberhill Road at Hartshorn, is charged with third-degree domestic assault (a class E felony) and second-degree kidnapping (a class D felony).

The deputy reported that he was dispatched to Kennedy’s residence at about 6:30 a.m. and made contact with a woman who had bruises on her face and a scratch on her chest. The deputy reported the woman saying some friends of Kennedy’s had come over the night before and the group was using methamphetamine.

The woman reportedly said she was considering leaving Missouri and had already packed some things, which made Kennedy mad. She told the officer Kennedy made accusations against her and then locked her in the bathroom for a while, and then came in and hit her multiple times.

The deputy reported that the woman said Kennedy then made her go into another room and blocked it with a chair so she couldn’t get out. She reportedly said he then made more accusations against her, before hitting her again and threatening to kill her.

The officer said the woman stated Kennedy made her give him her cell phone and allowed her to exit the room.

The deputy reported that Kennedy told him that both he and the woman had used meth, which makes them be mean to each other.

Kennedy was arrested and taken to the Texas County Jail, where he is held on $200,000 bond.

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