A Houston man faces a pair of felony charges and is held in jail on $500,000 bond after a Texas County Sheriff’s Department investigation of a reported assault Wednesday. 

Eric S. Caswell, 31, of Houston, is charged with second-degree domestic assault and possession of a controlled substance in a jail. 

Sheriff Scott Lindsey said deputies were dispatched to a residence on Hayes Drive in the Houston area for a report of a domestic dispute, where a woman reported being assaulted by a man who was later identified as Caswell. Lindsey said the woman told officers an argument began between herself and Caswell about transportation to check in with their assigned probation and parole officers. 

She reportedly said that while the two were sitting in a parked vehicle, the argument became violent, and that Caswell bit her shoulder and produced a knife.  The woman said Caswell first threatened to harm himself with the knife, Lindsey said, and then held it to her throat, threatening to kill her. The woman reportedly told officers she was able to exit the vehicle, but Caswell grabbed her and forcibly put her back in car and choked her. She then said she was able to flee the vehicle a second time and seek shelter in a residence. 

Caswell was arrested for domestic assault and transported to the Texas County Jail. During the booking process, Lindsey said, he was found to be in possession of a substance believed to be cocaine. 

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