A Houston man is charged on multiple counts following investigations by two city police departments.

After a Houston Police Department investigation on Jan. 8, a Houston man faces a felony drug charge.

Jamie R. Feringa, 39, of 17249 Primrose Drive in Houston, is charged with felony possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor disruption of a house of worship.

According to an officer’s report, two officers were dispatched to the First Christian Church on Highway 17 after an impaired man – Feringa – was found inside the church.

Officers reported that when contact was made with Feringa at the church, he appeared extremely impaired and at one point said his father had been shot and been “placed in a dumpster somewhere with a clown.”

After an investigation, officers reportedly found that Feringa was in possession of methamphetamine.

In another case, Feringa is charged with first-degree harassment (a class E felony) after a Licking Police Department investigation in October.

An LPD officer reported that Feringa allegedly made numerous harassing phone calls to and sent many text messages to a woman.

Charges in both cases were filed Jan. 16. Feringa’s bonds are set at $25,000 on the drug charge and $10,000 on the harassment charge.

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