Houston School District Superintendent Dr. Allen Moss addresses attendees of a workforce development workshop hosted by the University of Missouri Extension Tuesday (Feb. 25) at the Piney River Technical Center in Houston.

University of Missouri Extension hosted a “Labor and Workforce Development Summit” Feb. 25  in Houston designed to explore regional and local workforce issues and incite action to develop a network of professionals working to identify solutions and address workforce challenges.

The event was conducted in partnership with Rob O’Brian, President of O’Brian and Associates, LLC.; Dr. Allen Moss, superintendent of Houston School District; and Rob Harrington, City of Houston director of economic development.

The meeting included topics including career and technical education programs for middle school and high school students, current workforce challenges and how the ACT WorkReady program provides resources to employers and job seekers in communities, The City of Houston’s economic development strategies to meet the needs of employers in partnership with the Houston Area Chamber of Commerce, Workforce Investment Board programs available to businesses, workforce and employment law for businesses and business and economic development resources and support.

Organizers said workforce partners are committed to confronting long-standing assumptions and take an innovative and new approach to hiring and workplace practices.                                                                                                                          

For more information, call Labor and Workforce Development Specialist Dr. Amy Patillo at the Greene County Extension office at 417-881-8909 or email patilloa@missouri.edu.

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