Office: Sentinel

Year in School: Junior

SAE: Agri-science research

Favorite FFA Activity and why: National Convention. It is a lot of fun going to multiple farms and seeing what they do.

Favorite FFA Memory: I was working at a wedding and worked so hard that I got paid by the people attending the wedding for doing such a good job.

Future Plans: I would like to continue to be involved in helping the FFA after I graduate.

Office: Second Vice President

Year in School: Junior

SAE: Food services

Favorite FFA Activity and Why: FFA Week because of how many people we can show the true meaning of FFA and seeing the happy faces of the product of our services.

Favorite FFA Memory: On my way home from national convention my freshman year.

Future Plans: To go to college and get a PhD in marine biology and become a cardiologist.

Office: Student Adviser

Year in School: senior

SAE: Food service

Favorite FFA Activity and why: National Convention was my favorite activity. I really enjoyed it because we were able to tour many unique farm operations.

Favorite FFA Memory: Any trip with Mrs. Brotherton.

Future Plans: I plan on attending nursing school after graduation.

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