An open house for a facility that provides a six- to nine-month sober living program for women in recovery is March 6 in Houston.

“Promise Road” will host the gathering from 4 to 6 p.m. at 116 E. Main, which is located across the street from Texas County 911.

The organization said it assists people with prison records who have paid for their crimes and addiction issues and need advocates to help them to be accountable and deserving of positions of responsibility. Referrals come from Sweetwater Network, whose leader is Rita Foster.

Those enrolled in the program will also be placed for employment. Leaders at Promise Road will share the oversight of sober, responsible employees who care about their workplace and work record.

Coffee and cookies will be served at the event. Program manager is April Polm. Organizers said the program is an all-volunteer, faith-based  effort driven by committed community members.

•In December 2019, 400 in Texas County were reported to be on probation. Without help, statistically, 240 will revoke probation and return to prison at a cost about $5.04 million in annual taxes.

•People on probation must comply with numerous conditions, many of which are unrelated to the original offense and can be very costly. In 2015, the Robina Institute estimated that people on probation must comply with 18 to 20 requirements a day in order to remain in good standing with the probation department. Violating any of these conditions can result in prison or jail time. 

SOURCE: Sweetwater Network

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