A Licking woman was arrested Feb. 19 on a warrant charging her with allegedly striking a sheriff’s deputy in the face, according to associate circuit court documents.

Jasmine N. Atkinson, 25, is charged with one felony count of second-degree assault on a special victim. Her bond is $20,000.

Atkinson was incarcerated in the Dent County Jail on Feb. 12 when she began shouting at other detainees, according to a report. Responding jail staff determined Atkinson posed an imminent danger of creating a physical altercation and needed to be placed in the jail’s isolation cell. After refusing to comply, Atkinson resisted relocation and was placed in handcuffs to be escorted, according to a report.

Upon being placed in the isolation cell, Atkinson’s handcuffs were removed and she struck a deputy in the face with the open cuff hanging from her wrist. The deputy was hit beside the right eye and began bleeding. The deputy was taken for treatment to Salem Memorial District Hospital and was diagnosed with a periorbitial hematoma.

Atkinson’s criminal history shows she was previously found guilty in 2015 of third-degree assault in Texas County as well as possession of a controlled substance last year.



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