The Primary Election is Aug. 2.

When voters go to the polls in April, they won’t see these boards on the ballot, according to the Texas County clerk’s office. That’s because  the number of persons filing equaled the number of vacancies and an election is not required by state statute.

The candidates will assume the office by non-election unless the entity decides to have an election, opening the door for write-in candidacies.

Texas County Memorial Hospital

George A. Sholtz Jr., five-year term

Houston board of education

Jo Holland, Christie K. Koch and Darren Ice, three-year term

Cabool board of education

Michael S. Luerssen, Michael A. McCall and Cynthia A. Flanagan, three-year term

Raymondville board of education

Shannon Sanders, Amanda Evetts and Anthony “Tony” Goetz, three-year term

Public Water Supply District No. 1

Rusty Pyatt, subdistrict #5; and Sally Connor, subdistrict #2

Public Water Supply District No. 3

Amber Robertson, subdistrict #4; and Earl Smith, subdistrict #3

Mountain View-Summersville Ambulance District

Paula Raney, District 2; and Jack Autry, District 6

Village of Raymondville

Robert N. White and Gene DeWitt, two-year terms

Success School

Benny Bean, Stephanie McKinney and Ross Olson, three-year terms

Texas County Emergency Services

Rowdy Douglas, James E. McNiell, David Scantlin and Mike Jackson, four-year terms

Public Water Supply District No. 2

David D. Adkison, subdistrict #1

Public Water Supply District No. 4

Albert Niewoehner, zone 4; and Ralph Backues, zone 3

Willow Springs Ambulance District

Daniel Cybulski, district 6

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