Filings close March 3 for various state and county offices. 

Filings close today (Tuesday, March 31)  for several offices that will appear on ballots later this year.  

Voters will select party nominees in August. The General Election is Nov. 3. 

Here are candidates who have filed:

U.S. representative, District 8: Incumbent Jason Smith, Salem, Republican; Kathy Ellis, Festus, Democrat; and Tom Schmitz, Rolla, Libertarian.

State representative, District 142: Terry Brown, Cabool; Bennie Cook, Houston; and David Giarratano, Raymondville. All are Republicans.

State senator: District 33: Rep. Robert Ross, Yukon, Republican; Rep. Karla Eslinger, Wasola, Republican; Van Kelly, Norwood, Republican; and Tammy Harty, Grandin, Democrat.

Assessor: Debbie James, incumbent, Solo, Republican.

Collector-Treasurer: Tammy Cantrell, incumbent, Houston, Democrat.

Texas County Commissioner, District 2: Doyle Heiney, incumbent, Summersville, Republican; and John E. Mitchell, Licking, Democrat.

Coroner: Marie Lasater, incumbent, Licking, Republican. 

Texas County Commissioner, District 1: Brenda Jarrett, Cabool, Democrat; and John Casey, incumbent, Houston.

Sheriff: Scott Lindsey, incumbent, Licking, Republican.

Public Administrator: Tina Garrett of Licking and Ashley Applegate of Houston.

Also on the ballot is surveyor.

Updated filings are posted daily at

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