Missouri Gov. Mike Parson mobilized the Missouri National Guard to support on Covid-19 efforts. 

The Missouri National Guard announced Saturday it expected to service several missions after being mobilized by Gov. Mike Parson to support a Covid-19 response.

It expects to help set up community-based testing sites and operation of them, provide intrastate transportation of personnel and equipment for medical or testing support, logistical support to local and state authorities and continued assessment of and facilitation of the construction of temporary medical or other facilities.

“We are committed to assisting local, state and federal officials in supporting the health and well-being of our citizens and service members,” said Missouri National Guard’s adjutant general, Brig. Gen. Levon Cumpton. “Our longstanding state and federal partnerships help ensure a rapid and unified response. This activation allows us to be even more integrated and bring more resources to bear.”

The Missouri National Guard is trained and ready to respond to the needs of Missourians across the state for any emergency, including floods, tornadoes and, in this case, a health emergency.


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