While schools across the state are determining the best course of action during this unprecedented time, the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) office staff continues to prepare for spring championships.

In all likelihood, any championships that do happen will have a very different look and feel than those in the past. The staff continues to find possible venues and back up venues, as well as continue to develop multiple variations of what a postseason may look like.

MSHSAA is committed to the safety of student-participants and the health of school communities. Accordingly, in response to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations regarding public gatherings, schools are reminded that it is not necessary or prudent for any number of students to gather for workouts, regardless of how those students gather or whether any MSHSAA rules are broken by said gathering.

While schools are closed due to the COVID-19, teams are not allowed to practice or participate in competitions. This includes informal/player-led practices or any type of instructional session. National, state and local governmental leaders are clear: To help our country slow the spread of this pandemic, the best thing society can do is limit its interaction with one another. So, despite how difficult this may be, the MSHSAA office strongly recommends students, parents, and non-school coaches/trainers follow this advice. Doing so could ultimately end up salvaging the spring sports season.

The MSHSAA web address is The organization’s phone number is 573-875-4880.

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