The county-owned institution announced new restrictions effective at closing time on Tuesday.

Texas County Memorial Hospital increased visitor restrictions for all of the hospital’s facilities effective at the close of business on Tuesday.

New visitor restrictions starting Wednesday are:

No one under the age of 18, with the exception of those seeking medical care, will be permitted into Texas County Memorial Hospital’s facilities. This age restriction includes all TCMH clinics. Parents/guardians must make every effort to make arrangements to prevent children under the age of 18 from visiting our facilities.

No Visitors Allowed, with the following exceptions:

•Visitors Required to assist the patient.

•End of Life Care: The patient’s medical team can make exceptions at their discretion.

•ICU: No visitors except for end of life care.

•Labor and Delivery, Postpartum: One support person for labor and delivery patients.

•Emergency Department:  One visitor to be the designated driver.

Procedural Areas: If a driver brings a patient to TCMH for an outpatient procedure or appointment such as physical therapy, radiology, lab, etc., TCMH staff will meet the patient at the hospital entrance, screen them and will take them to the respective department. Drivers will be asked to remain in their cars.

Clinic visits: Only visitors who are required to assist the patient will be allowed to come to the clinic. Adult patients are asked not to bring children to their appointments or they may be asked to reschedule.


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