Members of the Houston City Council met by video on Monday — with half in the building and the remainder off-site amid the threat of the coronavirus.

Members purchased two new trucks, discussed a survey of the city’s electrical pole system and debated whether to change an ordinance that would give the mayor additional appointment powers.


•Approved transfer of a matured CD to a bank account that will earn additional interest. Certificate of deposit rates have dropped after the dramatic decrease in interest rates.

•Approved payment of $29,335 for a new truck for the public grounds department.

•Okayed purchase of a truck for the Houston Police Department from Piney River Ford, which beat the price under a state contract. The price is not to exceed $34,811.

•Authorized a bid from Pace Construction for the city’s annual asphalt overlay program that is paid by a quarter-cent sales tax. The city will benefit on pricing because a plant is set up locally due to a U.S. 63 job.

•Hired The Overlay Guys, a local firm, to make structural repairs to a maintenance area on Park Street at the Houston Municipal Pool. The cost is $11,300 and also includes addition of an entry door and wider roll-up door.

•Tabled an ordinance that would allow the mayor to appoint some department heads. City Administrator Scott Avery said the intent is clarify organization procedures on the books. In the end, the council will continue to study the matter. Among the options are to either to make the change, clarify that the administrator has that power or make no changes.  

•Approved spending another $10,000 for a firm to develop an assessment on the condition of utility poles, determine a replacement schedule and mapping. The increase comes after it was discovered the city has about 1,200 poles and not an earlier estimated 650.

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