A parade of vehicles rolls past HHS baseball team seniors during last Friday's "Drive-By" event. Lights in Tiger Stadium and at Carter Field can be seen shining in the background, as part of the nationwide "Be The Light" campaign.

As hard as it might be to come to grips with, there almost surely won’t be any high school spring sports played in Missouri in 2020 because of the outbreak of COVID-19.

Although there is a bit of speculation circulating that some sort of schedule might be devised allowing a handful of games and matches to be played this summer, there’s a strong chance that this year’s spring sports season has already suffered an unprecedented demise and players and coaches will forever be left to ponder what might have been.

And that situation is of course not unique to Missouri, as scholastic sports activities around the U.S. have come to a halt. Nonetheless, communities across the country want their high school athletes to know they’re loved, and displaying that affection is being orchestrated in numerous appropriate and feasible ways – especially for seniors, who have won’t get the chance to enjoy their final seasons.

Last Friday night in Houston, a “Drive-By” event took place, in which Houston High School spring sports senior athletes were honored by people in vehicles driving past them as they gathered at various venues on campus (while observing social distancing guidelines). Fire trucks and personnel from the City of Houston and Houston Rural fire departments led the procession.

Tennis & golf Drive-By

A parade of vehicles rolls past senIor members of the HHS tennis and golf teams during last Friday’s “Drive-By” event.

The event was organized by HHS principal Dr. Justin Copley, Houston school board member Christie Koch and Houston city council member Kevin Stilley.

“The goal is to show the kids that the town supports them,” Koch said. “What has happened is terrible for everyone – the kids, the coaches and the whole community.”

Copley plans to help organize a different event every Friday night in honor of HHS seniors. In addition, as part of the nationwide “Be the Light” movement, lights at HHS sports venues are being turned on for a 20-minute period each Friday at 8:20 p.m. (or 20:20 in military time).

Drive-By event

Senior members of the HHS baseball team watch as City of Houston Fire Department trucks lead the procession during last Friday’s “Drive-By” event.

Baseball and softball seniors

Senior members of the HHS baseball and softball teams gather during last Friday’s “Drive-By” event. From left, Sterling Jackson, Hunter Stilley, Robbie Mortensen, Connor Wilson, Kameron Hall, Emma Bryant and Jacob Koch. Baseball senior Devin Wallander was not present.

Tennis and golf seniors

Senior members of the HHS tennis and golf teams gather during last Friday’s “Drive-By” event. From left, Parker Ward, Clayton Moore, Kyle Mills, Kyler a Ramsey, Isaiah Buse, Elliot Clark and Sam Davidson.

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