A cross is silhouetted over U.S. 60 in Texas County as the sun rises  for the annual Carry the Cross event.  Credit: FILE PHOTO

The annual Good Friday event that unites Christians across the county is Friday.

There are several restrictions in place because of the spread of coronavirus across the country. There have been no confirmed cases in Texas County.

The event — which stretches along U.S. 63 from Licking to Cabool — is sponsored by the Houston Ministerial Alliance,

Here are guidelines that are place:

•A 6 a.m. rally at Hiett Gymnasium is cancelled. Everyone should go directly to their locations at 7 a.m. Crosses will be in place as they have in past years.

•The number of cross holders in one location is limited to two people, if they are not members of the same household. These two are asked to practice social distancing as they stand with their cross.

•If you are standing with members of your household, limit your number to 10 people.

•If you planned to stand with a group of people, you can coordinate taking turns at particular locations; such as one family or two unrelated people standing from 7 to 9 a.m. and others standing from 9 to 11 a.m. If you were standing with a large group and would like to secure more locations to accommodate your group, call First Baptist Church in Houston at 417-967-2297 or contact the “I carry the cross” Facebook page. There are plenty of locations available.

Participants are also asked to use Clorox wipes or spray disinfectants to clean the cross before and after others using it.

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