To help bring recognition to the senior class in what would have been graduation week at Houston High School, the Houston Herald will mark the occasion next week with a pictorial senior feature until regular commencement ceremonies can safely be held.

Graduation had been planned for May 9, but like all schools, Houston is waiting to determine when family and friends of the HHS class of 2020 can safely gather to mark the occasion. Classes were adjourned early this year due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country. It also derailed sports and academic activities.

Next week, the Herald will mark the occasion with photos of all the classmates. Additionally, friends, relatives, neighbors and associates can add their congratulations to their favorite senior as part of the project. The cost is $15. The deadline to submit material is Monday. Additional details are in the Messenger this week.

As is the tradition, the Herald will also put out its annual graduation tabloid — that highlights the career of each senior over the last four years — the week that graduation is held.

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