A company hired to inspect the condition of the City of Houston’s sewer system has begun work.

City Administrator Scott Avery said the video-based inspection of the system by Visu-Sewer, a Wisconsin-based firm, started in the areas of Emmett Kelly Park and Pine Lawn Cemetery. Inspection and cleaning trucks are now in the downtown area.

Earlier this year, the city hired the company to do the inspection, along with the removal of any debris found.

“This was in response to the amount of water that is infiltrating the sewer system when we have heavy rainfall,” Avery said. “The contractor will be here for several weeks and then we expect them to come back later this year or early next year to finish the inspection of our sewer system. Once this process is completed in the next two years, we will have an understanding of the condition of our sewer system and what needs to be fixed and how long different areas can wait before maintenance is conducted on them.”

Avery said the goal is to have a 25 to 30-year plan that allows for the proper upkeep and maintenance of the sewer system.

“When this is combined with our on-going power pole inspections and the upcoming inspection of our water system, we will be able to finally get our critical infrastructure on a schedule to move the city in the right direction for the future,” he said.

Avery said anyone with questions can call him at city hall at 417-967-3348 or email cityadministrator@houstonmo.org.

A large tank truck sucks debris out of a sewer line on First Street at the post office.


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