Texas County Memorial Hospital said residents should tend to their own health needs despite Covid-19.

Texas County Memorial Hospital said Friday some patients may needlessly be avoiding their own healthcare needs amid mandatory orders to say at home as the state combats Covid-19.

TCMH physicians said they are available to take care of every patient’s healthcare needs.

TCMH providers have reported increases in the severity of illness of many patients who have waited longer than they should have to seek care.

“Even during this age of Covid-19, patients should not ignore their overall health,” Matthew Brown, MD, said. “We do not have active cohorts of the disease in our area, and TCMH has implemented significant policies to keep our facilities clean and reduce the risk of transmission.”

TCMH facilities remain free from positive Covid-19 cases and hospital leaders want the community to know that patient safety remains the top priority and they urge patients not to neglect their healthcare.

TCMH clinics remain open for patient appointments and most of them have increased scheduling availability.

Departments, including TCMH Home Health of the Ozarks, Hospice of Care, physical therapy, radiology and the laboratory departments, are open and have immediate availability to take care of the needs of the community.

Brown said TCMH offers many of the same services that are available at larger healthcare facilities outside of the area.

“Now is a great time to utilize healthcare services close to home due to the increased Covid-19 risks associated with travel to the larger cities,” Brown explained. “We are open and we are here for our community.”

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