Gov. Mike Parson speaks Monday at a press conference in Jefferson City.

Missouri began reopening Monday as the state lifted its stay-at-home orders overnight.

Most businesses, including gyms and fitness clubs, will be required to adhere to certain guidelines, such as maintaining six feet of space between individuals. But those rules will not apply to people in jobs that require closer contact, such as those working in barber and cosmetology shops, hair salons and tattoo parlors.

In those cases, Gov. Mike Parson’s order will leave it up to the individual businesses to implement safety measures for employees and customers.

Some businesses, such as retail locations, will face occupancy limits. Restaurants will be allowed to resume dine-in service as long as tables and seating are spaced according to social distance requirements.

Parson’s March 21 order banning gatherings of more than 10 people expired. That means amusement parks and attractions, concerts, funerals, museums, school graduations and weddings will be permitted. So will events in large venues and stadiums.

Local governments are still permitted to enact stricter parameters for business.

Some communities, Parson noted, may be able to reopen at a faster rate than others.

“This will be the turning of a dial,” he said, “not the flip of a switch.”

Parson’s new measures will expire May 31, unless extended.

Parson has repeatedly said that in order to safely lift restrictions on business, Missouri must increase its capacity to test for COVID-19 to 40,000 to 50,000 tests per week. 


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