A Houston Police Department patrol car warns motorists of a downed power line on Ozark Street just west of First Street. The scene was repeated at several locations in the city.

High straight-line winds whipped through Houston at mid-afternoon Monday, downing utility poles, lines and disrupting electrical service. Some structures were damaged, and one person sustained injuries. 

Electrical poles were reported damaged in the city, including off West Highway 17 and near Pine and First streets. Around the downtown business district, at least two windows were broken, and one person sustained facial lacerations.

The storm comes after a March 27 hail storm that left widespread damage to roofs in the city. 

A section of businesses were reported without power, including Casey’s General Store, Corner Express and Piney River Ford. Houston City Administrator Scott Avery said early this evening that crews were working to restore a main feeder line. 

Structural damage is reported at Evans Sports on C.W. Harry Drive and to the VIP Properties building on South Sam Houston Blvd. Across the street, a metal roof was blown off a floral business, Little House Gifts. Debris litters a field east of the business. A nearby business roof can be seen in the Little House parking lot.  

On Third Street, a tree was reported on a house. Several trees were reported down on North Industrial Drive. 

Authorities urged citizens to exercise caution as some electrical lines were down. Members of the Houston Fire Department continued to survey for damage early this evening. It was called to a C.W. Harry Drive building Monday night after a burning smell was detected. A tree had fallen behind the business, and struck an electrical line.

A meeting at city hall, a session of the Houston City Council, was postponed. 

Intercounty Electric reported its outages in the county were down to about 350 just before 7 p.m. Of its system, the most calls were in Wright County. It serves the City of Mountain Grove. More than 1,700 were without power.

At Cabool, small hail covered the ground. 

At Willow Springs, extensive storm damage was reported. On Highway 137 north of Willow Springs the road was reported blocked by downed trees. 

A  tractor-trailer was reported on its side on Highway JJ near Summersville. An extended closure was expected. 

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