Texas County's jobless rate was 7.3 percent in April.

Newly released figures show that while Texas County’s unemployment rate has increased since a global pandemic hit the country, it remains lower than most counties in south-central Missouri.

The jobless rate in the county was 7.3 percent in April, which was an increase of 2 percentage points from March, according to the Missouri Department of Economic Development. The county started the year at 5.5 percent.

In this region, the highest rate in May was Laclede County at 14.8 percent. The lowest was Dent County at 6.1 percent.

Other counties in southern Missouri: Howell, 9.5; Douglas, 13.8; Wright, 11.4; Pulaski, 7.7; Phelps, 6.6; and Shannon, 11.1.  

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