A Houston man faces a pair of felony charges after allegedly being involved in a bar fight and then scuffling with police officers just after midnight on March 14. One officer was injured.

Travis D. Hayes, 34, of 8861 Hayes Drive at Houston, was charged Thursday with third-degree assault – special victim (a class D felony) and resisting or interfering with an arrest for a felony (a class E felony).

According to a Houston Police Department officer’s report, the officer responded to a report of an altercation at the Office Bar on Grand Avenue downtown. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with Hayes, who said he didn’t know of any fight at the location that night.

But a woman who works there reportedly told the officer Hayes had in fact been involved in a fight, and she wanted him removed.

The officer (and two others who had arrived at the scene) approached Hayes, but he reportedly became combative. The officers teamed up to take him to the ground, but Hayes resisted and was ultimately subdued after being hit twice by a Taser.

One of the officers suffered a sprained shoulder during the scuffle with Hayes. He went to Texas County Memorial Hospital for treatment and was given two days off for the injury to heal.

The man Hayes was reportedly fighting with was issued a citation for peace disturbance by fighting: Ronnie K. Bell, 46, of 411 E. Main St. in Houston.

Hayes’ bond is set at $150,000.

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