Mohamud Osman, originally from Somalia, sings the national anthem after becoming a United States citizen on Tuesday, July 2, 2018, at a naturalization ceremony at the Old Courthouse in downtown St. Louis.

With the Independence Day holiday drawing near, now seems like a good time to check out the state of our state’s patriotism.

And for the second year, it seems to be running strong.

The Show-Me Sector of the U.S. has checked in as No. 11 on the list of “Most Patriotic States,” as compiled by WalletHub.

That is down two spots from the No. 9 ranking in 2019, but still well above the No. 22 slot the state filled in 2018.

To compile the list, the personal-finance website took into account two main factors: military engagement and civic engagement.

The military component was relatively straightforward: per capita number of active-duty, reserves, enlistees and veterans in the state. Missouri finished at No. 21 in the nation.


The criteria for ranking civic engagement, in which we were No. 9, was more varied: Share of adults voting in 2016 presidential election or primary elections; number of volunteer workers; trial and grand jury participation; membership in civic organizations/clubs; and civics education requirements in schools.

All of Missouri’s eight border states finished below us: Arkansas (20), Kentucky (27), Nebraska (28), Iowa (29), Tennessee (30), Kansas (35), Oklahoma (36) and Illinois (41).

The most patriotic state is New Hampshire, followed by Wyoming, Idaho, Alaska and Maryland.

The least patriotic, Nos. 46-50, were West Virginia, Texas, California, New York and New Jersey.


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