For individuals wanting a new pond for a water source or for recreation, proper construction and management is important. Building a new pond is a large investment but provides many benefits to the landowner and can even increase the value of a property.

That is why the University of Missouri Extension is offering a two-session “Pond Construction and Management Class” from 6 to 8 p.m., Tuesday, June 30, and Thursday, July 2. The class will be held online via Zoom, all registered participants will be provided a link to join. This format will allow participants to ask questions and engage with the instructors.

Class topics will include basic considerations of pond construction (such as site selection), calculation of watershed and soil types. Participants will also learn components of a well-constructed pond, including spillway sizing and design, desired free board, dam core, proper compaction and slope.

The class will also teach participants how to calculate the cost per acre of impounding water. Participants will learn about basic limnology, water quality, weed and algae control and stocking a fish population recommendations. Each participant will be provided materials and handouts to use for future reference.

Registration for the program can be done online at https://extension2.missouri.edu/events/pond-construction-and-management-class and is due by June 26. There is the $30 registration fee. 

For more information, call Eric Meusch at the Extension office in Houston 417-967-4545.

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