Sales tax revenue is up for the month and the year in the City of Houston. 

Sales tax revenue in the last monthly reporting period was up about 15 percent each on those collected by Houston merchants from the same period a year ago, according to figures from the Missouri Department of Revenue.

A one-cent sales tax netted $79,137 for the month. That was up $10,524 from the same monthly period in 2019. In the first five months of the year, $318,877 has been collected. That’s up about 1.3 percent for the year.

A second one-cent sales tax is used for parks, police and fire purposes. It generated $76,269.

Two quarter-cent sales taxes for transportation and utility purposes each netted about $19,318. Both were up about $2,529 from the year ago period.

A sales tax collected on out-of-state orders totaled about $10,560 for the month.

The numbers were likely boosted by a devastating March 27 hail storm locally that resulted in major roof construction, new windshields and sales of vehicles.

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