Following a Houston Police Department investigation in late May, a Houston man is charged with two theft-related felonies.

Jason D. Leonard, 41, of 905 Hiett St. in Houston, is charged with second-degree burglary (a class D felony) and stealing – fourth or subsequent offense within 10 years (a class E felony).

In a report, an officer said he was contacted on May 22 by a Walmart representative regarding an incident that occurred May 15. The officer was advised that store security video showed Leonard and two other people going through the self-checkout area and scanning some items in their cart, but not others, and then leaving.

On May 23, the officer made contact with Leonard at his residence and took him to the Texas County Jail for questioning. The officer determined Leonard had committed a crime.

A check of Leonard’s criminal history revealed four prior stealing convictions in the past four years.

Prosecutor Parke Steven Jr. charged Leonard on June 30. He is in jail with a bond set at $150,000.

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