Mayor Willy Walker made several appointments during a meeting Monday of the Houston City Council.

They are: city administrator, Scott Avery; city clerk, Heather Sponsler; city attorney, Brad Eidson; municipal judge, Mike Anderson; police chief, Tim Ceplina; fire chief, Robbie Smith; city treasurer, Bruce Wilson; and emergency management director, Robbie Smith.

These committees comprised of members of the council were established:

Public grounds and airport: Joe Honeycutt, chairman; and Chalky Wells and Kevin Stilley, members.

Utilities and buildings: Kevin Stilley, chairman; and Michael Weakly and Ross Richardson, members.

Economic development: Chalky Wells, chairman; and Joe Honeycutt and Kim Bittle, members.

Finance: Michael Weakly, chairman; and Ross Richardson and Kim Bittle.

Personnel: Kim Bittle, chairwoman; and Joe Honeycutt and Chalky Wells, members.

Police and fire: Ross Richardson, chairman; and Michael Weakly and Kevin Stilley, members.

Houston residents serve on several committees focused on bettering the community.

They are:

Planning and Zoning: Mary Hunninghake, term expires 2023; Jeremy St. John, 2023; Missy Gayer, 2023; Charles Shea, 2020; Carl Honeycutt, 2023; Angie Gettys, 2021; Willie Johnson, 2022; and Heather Sponsler, clerk; and Willy Walker, mayor. Terms are four years.

Board of adjustment: Tim Hurd, 2024; Gene Gentry, 2021; Bonnie McElroy, 2022; and Dennis Maxwell, 2023. Terms are five years.

Houston Housing Authority Board: Rhonda Ledbetter, 2023; Sharon Sillyman, 2020; Johna Kozemczak, 2020; Barbara Romines, 2021; Laura Spurlin, 2021, resident representative; and Lois England, 2022. Terms are four years.

Parks and Recreation: Brad Evans, 2022; Rachel Choate, 2022; Rachel Kelly, 2020; Justin Brown, 2021; Jeff Richardson, 2021; Larry Benoist, 2021; Jennifer Shelton, 2021; Sheena Postlewait, 2023; and Heather Sponsler, secretary. Terms are three years.

Industrial Development Authority of the City of Houston: Carl Honeycutt, chairman, 2023; Justin Shelby, 2022; Eric Wells, 2020; Brad Rees, 2024; and Dr. Tom Dunn, 2021. Terms are five years.

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