Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols watches the flight of his epic 3-run homer off Astros reliever Brad Lidge in the ninth inning of Game 5 of the 2005 NLCS at Minute Maid Park in Houston. (Chris Lee photo / Post-Dispatch)

QUESTION: Who would make an All -Commish team based on Cardinals that you have covered?

COMMISH: Off the top of my head, the starting nine would be:

Bob Gibson, pitcher

Ted Simmons, catcher

Albert Pujols, first base

Tom Herr, second base

Ozzie Smith, shortstop

Scott Rolen, third base

Lou Brock, left field

Jim Edmonds, center field

Willie McGee, right field

I get to have two center fielders because McGee played several outfield positions, especially right field, when he was here the second time.

Follow-up: Do you have an All-Commish best-fielding team?

COMMISH: Gibson pitching, Yadier Molina catching.

Keith Hernandez at first, Herr at second, Smith at short, Rolen at third.

Edmonds, McGee and George Hendrick in the outfield.

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