Deputies with the Texas County Sheriff's Department handled several investigations recently.

A late-night high-speed pursuit involving a Licking Police Department officer on June 9 has led to a felony charge against a Texas County man.

Brandon J.L. Giller, 25, of Highway VV at Licking, is charged with resisting arrest by fleeing (a class E felony) and misdemeanor driving while revoked.

In a report, a Licking officer said he was patrolling on North Main Street just before 11 p.m. when he observed Giller driving a blue Dodge Ram pickup. The officer stated he knew Giller’s driver’s license was suspended, so he attempted to pull the truck over.

But Giller didn’t stop, and instead kept going at a very slow speed, turning onto two other streets, according to a report. The officer reported that Giller then rapidly accelerated on Dorsey Street, sped away and turned onto a couple of other streets.

As the truck moved, the officer said he saw items being thrown out of the driver’s side window.

The officer reported following Giller on Kimble Road at about 70 miles per hour, and then losing sight of the truck due to dust from the county road. At one point, a motorist reported his vehicle was nearly struck by the truck. 

A Dent County Sheriff’s Department deputy assisted the Licking officer in trying to locate Giller in Dent County.

Giller was charged on July 6 with a bond set at $250,000. As of Wednesday, July 8, he was not yet in custody.

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